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Almost Queen: A Tribute to Queen "Freddie For A Day" Freddie Mercury Birthday Celebration In conjunction with the Mercury Phoenix Trust


Sep 7 Sat
Almost Queen: A Tribute to Queen "Freddie For A Day" Freddie Mercury Birthday Celebration In conjunction with the Mercury Phoenix Trust8:00 PM
127 East 23rd Street, New York, NY

"Whatever you do, don't make me boring" Freddie Mercury

The Freddie For A Day initiative is a celebration of the life of the iconic Freddie Mercury, bringing people together to dress as Freddie to raise awareness and much needed funds to support the work of the Mercury Phoenix Trust – fighting AIDS worldwide.

Freddie For A Day was launched in 2010 and is held every 5th September, Freddie’s birthday, although people are encouraged to hold their own FFAD on any day of the year.

Fans and friends around the world celebrate Freddie For A Day in every way imaginable. Young and old, people have donned a moustache and gone out for drinks, gone to class, gone shopping, taken the train, taken the plane, put on a concert or run a mini-marathon dressed as Freddie.

Some go the whole hog by wearing full costume for the entire day. Some just decide to support the cause by wearing something yellow or putting on a moustache. The main thing is to have fun, raise awareness and try and get sponsored to raise funds.

ABOUT THE Mercury Phoenix Trust
The Mercury Phoenix Trust was founded by Brian May, Roger Taylor and their manager Jim Beach in memory of rock band Queen’s iconic lead singer FREDDIE MERCURY who died in 1991 from AIDS.

In the last 21 years the Trust has given away over 16 million dollars in his name and funded over 700 projects in the global battle against HIV/AIDS.

We need your support to maintain our present donor level and to keep funding the desperately needed HIV/AIDS initiatives globally. Together, help us to use Freddie’s memory, his charisma and drive to eradicate this disease

We give to a wide range of Education and Awareness projects, principally targeting young people in the developing world. The 18 million orphans who have lost one or both parents to AIDS are in desperate need of help as they struggle to survive and build their lives, often becoming ‘head of the family’ for their smaller siblings.

This disease impacts on the whole community, down to the grandparents who find themselves caring for their dead children’s children. They too need aid and information. The way to combat this disease is through knowledge.

Although we give to the large NGOs and well known charities, the greater part of our funding goes direct to small grassroots organisations which the bigger charities tend to overlook, and where we feel the recipients will achieve value for money.

The projects we fund are spread across the globe and in total we have now given to projects in 57 countries – wherever we can help we do.

THE most authentic QUEEN live show since the days of QUEEN themselves. A deliberate four piece band, Almost Queen delivers a live performance showcasing signature four part harmonies and intricate musical interludes. Donning genuine costumes, Almost Queen recaptures the live energy and precision that is the penultimate Queen experience.