CEG Presents

The E Street Shuffle: The Spectacular Spinning Springsteen Song Book!


Sep 24 Sat
The E Street Shuffle: The Spectacular Spinning Springsteen Song Book!7:00 PM
44 East 32nd Street, New York, NY
Bruce Springsteen Birthday Bash Featuring The E Street Shuffle 
The Spectacular Spinning Springsteen Song Book!

The E Street Shuffle presents: "The Spectacular Spinning Springsteen Songbook!" - an interactive, game show-style live concert experience where YOU get the chance to come onstage and pick the next tune by spinning the wheel. Get your tickets now!

Hailing from Asbury Park, New Jersey, The E Street Shuffle is a Bruce Springsteen tribute band that built itself from the ground up on the principals of being as musically authentic as humanly possible, while embodying the spirit, power and camaraderie of Springsteen & The E Street Band’s legendary live concerts. 
With a repertoire of well over a hundred songs, The E Street Shuffle prides itself on never playing the same show twice and providing different elements throughout each performance that appeal to different types of Springsteen fans from the very casual to the diehard fanatics. The band also has a unique ability to read and adapt to an audience on the fly, switching up a set list to accommodate requests and take the show in a different direction if need be.