HearFirst Presents:

Andrew Pierson, Big Honey, Rebecca McCartney


Aug 3 Sat
Andrew Pierson, Big Honey, Rebecca McCartney7:00 PM
85 Avenue A, New York, NY
Andrew Pierson has never found a dance floor he couldn't get moving. Fronting a rotating cast of some of New York's most seasoned gigging musicians as well as the Connecticut based folk-rock group Mountain Laurel, Andrew has dialed in a live sound that's got packed venues across the Northeast singing along till the last note. His sound is a little Nashville, a little New Orleans and a whole lot of New York City, taking inspiration from the 70's Americana station his parent's radio dial was stuck on, "Summer Hits of the 90's" Pandora that filled lazy college afternoons and the live Dave Matthews records he wore out as a kid. His debut EP - Saturday Songs - recorded at Fraser Sound Studios in Brooklyn, NY aims to soundtrack your best day of the week, all summer long.
Straight out of Brooklyn, Big Honey is one of the newest funky soul groups to hit the NY scene. With a captivating front man, blistering horn leads, and a driving rhythm section, Big Honey has an exciting and original sound that still manages to feel classic. Touching upon elements of Stax-era soul to new age funk, get ready to get down with Big Honey.

Widely beloved by the mothers of her childhood friends, Rebecca McCartney is an indie soul singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn. She writes music about the depth of everyday feelings, her buttery vocals pairing with endearing lyrics that feel as nostalgic as old soul and fresh as today’s indie pop. Born and raised in NYC, her music pulses with the energy and color of the city: bright, eclectic, curious, warm, occasionally weird. She plays with 3 jazz-trained powerhouse musicians who, together, draw inspiration from D’Angelo to Joni Mitchell to Maggie Rogers to bring her music to life.